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Nocturnal Duo Avatar
Nocturnal Duo
almost 5 years ago

This is AWESOME!!!!! And tips i think from me and my sis is that the snare is needing help maybe more like a clap??? but i love it anyway ur awesome at music!!

blind euphoria. Avatar
blind euphoria.
almost 5 years ago

@roix thx man! That means a lot! She actually did turn out to like it a lot, so yeah

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
almost 5 years ago

really acoustic and emotional and i really love it. if i was that said person whose name i really don't know *cough* track title *cough* i would really like this as well.

there was someone i liked too but it was a one-way relationship (and could possibly be the reason of the guide.wav album but whatever rightttttt.) still trying to get over it. but there is no way i could do something this emotional.

Xyn Avatar
about 5 years ago

this is pretty good!