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Harsh153 Avatar
about 10 years ago

The last one was better FARZIN

BAWB Avatar
about 10 years ago

looking forward to the complete version

ArtWork Avatar
about 10 years ago

It seems like you want to take this seriously so allow me to be more critical this time. you've got the violin part spot on. (The fast part) switching from clap to snare drum, not a bad idea. however, if you were trying to do what i think you were with the clap you can turn the reverb on by clicking the FX tab on the track control panel. that should give a nice echoe effect. Finally, try taking away that extra kick before the snare and making the drum beat simpler. hope this helps, you're doing great!!! :D

Miles Findlay Avatar
Miles Findlay
about 10 years ago

Sounds good. You should probably add a bass in there at some point.

CaptainSpike Avatar
about 10 years ago

The music is supposed to fade in but when i publish it doesnt :( it sound 2x better when the instruments fade in