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Endeavor Avatar
about 8 years ago

holy moly <3

4EYED Avatar
about 8 years ago

oh my almost 250 DL but only 11 likes...

Cyverbit Avatar
about 8 years ago

Three-year anniversary of this track! This was the first piece that I really remember spending a significant amount of time on when I first started out. Even though I now cringe at the production quality, I'm still proud of it. <3

dead. Avatar
about 10 years ago

If I were to judge I would give 9/10 for originality, 9/10 for creativity . If I could 100/10 for skill.!!! TOTAL 92/30. AWESOME WORK!!

Tech3 Avatar
over 10 years ago

AWESOOOOOOME. :D Its a bit chaotic, and the beginning is quiet, but otherwise nice! :D

Cyverbit Avatar
over 10 years ago

Thanks everyone for your discussion! I think I might remake this using some better techniques... I don't know quite yet, though.

Audial Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Contrary to some of the others opinions, I found it very enjoyable, clever, well balanced, catchy, funky, and professional (you did a smashing job with the automations). Maybe the last 5 seconds or so were a bit chaotic, but the rest was pure gold. If i were judging I would give you 95%.

Oozzie Avatar
almost 11 years ago

Okay I was just reading some of the some of the more older comments and seriously, can you people not identify hard work, talent and creativity. @cyberbit You are right, there is a reason it was featured in my group, cause i know for a matter of fact that I and probably anyone else on this site cannot recreate this.

Big Roshi Avatar
Big Roshi
almost 11 years ago

10/10 originality: Brand-spanking-new stuff! :) 10/10 creativity: Very new and nice every time it transitions. 8/10 Skill: The end was very hard to understand. I would have just prefered a soft song with the first chorus right after the mario sound placed inside so it kept a good feeling. Overall: 28/30 GREAT SONG :)

Cyverbit Avatar
almost 11 years ago

@Heywhatchadoing?: That's exactly how I felt writing it! :D