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Mr MäJê§тïc Avatar
Mr MäJê§тïc
over 10 years ago

Love these sounds bro deep man real deep !

DJ CubaTracho Avatar
DJ CubaTracho
over 10 years ago

thanks everyone i appreciate the honesty ill try to do it better nextime and now i kno what type a song is so ill be careful what i put to be sure what type of music it is

Big Roshi Avatar
Big Roshi
over 10 years ago

Heywatcha, eh it could be a mix. It has the wubs haha. But of course you're missing a lead and a break down, so this would fall more into some techno or like heywatcha said, complextro. Next time try to add your own synth line, maybe more custom fit to the song.

Dj Bakin Avatar
Dj Bakin
over 10 years ago

Nice song! And I agree with Heywhatchadoing?

Heywhatchadoing? Avatar
over 10 years ago

This isn't really dubstep, more like complextro but good job with Wub Machine. Good use of the loops and cutting em' up a little. Overall I don't see any problems, in the future start playing with the Virtual Instruments and see what you come up with.