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Kinji Avatar
over 9 years ago

God bless!

buk? Avatar
over 9 years ago

Like the jazzy portion of the beat, you almost feel it, then it just goes into another realm. Nice one right here. (Buk?) (SoundMasterzz).

Sailsbury Avatar
over 11 years ago

Good track!

EnlightenedSlave Avatar
over 11 years ago

This is amazing! i really gotta put more into my beats....

Kest Er Avatar
Kest Er
over 11 years ago

Nice track! Smooth and groovy. Definitely one of my favorites in the contest, so far.

Heywhatchadoing? Avatar
over 11 years ago

Judging for Ministry of Soundation Contest: Very nice and smooth MakinBeatz2012! You definitely made those loops your own, by filtering, phasing and delaying them. Love the transitions alot also, they're nice and smooth. Nothing to criticise! 4.5 out of 5 from me! :D

平和の島 Avatar
over 11 years ago

Thanks, will most certainly do! :)

Mr MäJê§тïc Avatar
Mr MäJê§тïc
over 11 years ago

Post It To My Group I Would Love To Feature It On Nxt Weeks Tracks. " The Ministry Of Soundation".

Mr MäJê§тïc Avatar
Mr MäJê§тïc
over 11 years ago

Love It Beatz Very Smooth Its Catchy!