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about 8 years ago

@Dutchy. I tried to add a sub-bass, but it didn't sound right so I put an 808 tom in the background behind the kick drum. If you listen carefully you can hear it, especially in headphones or through some speakers with a decent subwoofer... :D

Endeavor Avatar
about 8 years ago

hell yeah

Clever Whiz  Avatar
Clever Whiz
about 8 years ago

this is really cool! I now give you a feature in the new order of soundation!

3de World Reject Avatar
3de World Reject
about 8 years ago

Dutchy, agreed, a bass would spice this up really nice.

DUTCH Avatar
about 8 years ago

Awesome, you just need an bass in the drop :P try the mono and an clean sub in the wub machine :)