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Young Deejay Avatar
Young Deejay
about 10 years ago

pretty good track if you ask me! keep it up bro

Sule Avatar
about 10 years ago

Haha thanks Imperial, yeah loops are great! This is actually my first song not using any sample loops, just loopings of virtual instruments. Fun stuff. I'll be sure to check ur tunes out man

XxMuNrOxX Avatar
about 10 years ago

That's a pretty cool track. Are you the singing the lyrics?

tirasunil Avatar
about 10 years ago

Hehe I love the use of loops! A blessing, yeah? Check out my songs, they're all loops mostly. You've just got to be creative, yeah? Well good job Sule.

Dj Vish Avatar
Dj Vish
about 10 years ago

Sweet track