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Biweekly Facebook Feature Competition! ("fIGHT!") Group Profile Picture
Created February 05, 2015

Biweekly Facebook Feature Competition! ("fIGHT!")

Welcome to my open-for-all, Biweekly Facebook Feature Competition! Here’s how the competition works: Every two weeks, I’ll be selecting three tracks posted in this group to be featured on this page (for two weeks), on both my personal Facebook page, AND on my music Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pursuitmusic.ak?fref=nf) for two weeks, and they shall remain posted on this page… FOREVER (unless deleted or removed from the page by their respective artists. Also, this does not mean that they will be featured forever, but rather posted forever; there is a difference)! I will remove all other tracks, but they can be reposted for as many other biweekly periods as necessary to featured.

Note that a track doesn’t even have to be my favorite track in the group in order to be featured; I may select a track because of it’s complexity, ingenuity, originality, or simply because I may want to help out newer members to the Soundation community.

Here are a few rules; you may want to READ CAREFULLY:
1. Rule number one about “fIGHT!”: You may totally talk about “fIGHT!”
2. You may totally post any tracks, regardless of genre, length, or date/year/any general time period of creation, with a couple exceptions…
3. You may not post any W.I.P. (Works-in-Progress), or track previews, as they will not be considered for selection and will be removed.
4. You may not post any tracks with any explicit content or language, as they will not be considered for selection and will be removed.
5. You may not post more than 3 tracks within each biweekly selection period (as an example, let’s say from Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015 – Sunday, Feb. 18, 2015).
6. You may totally reenter previously entered entered tracks on this page by removing them and reposting them to this page.
7. You may totally promote your own or somebody else’s tracks on this page.
8. You may totally promote any other music related pages on this page.
9. You may not promote pages unrelated to music on this page.
10. You may not be a jerk. If anything, encourage your fellow artists, and give them tips and constructive criticism if you can.

Please, please, PLEASE… If one of your tracks that you posted didn’t get featured, please, if you believe that it’s still one of your best or most unique or most complex or most musical tracks, please repost it! There are so many great tracks that are posted, but I have to choose only a select amount (I may, in the future, end up featuring up to five tracks at a time, but we’ll wait and see on that); thus, I am forced to pass up on featuring some tracks that I’d REALLY LOVE to feature! So if you don’t get a certain track featured the first time around… Try, try again.

Have fun!!


Pursuit Avatar
about 8 years ago

HEY-OH! The first biweekly period is over, and I've made my selections! "Altitude (Original Mix)" by Cyclosa "Septimus" by Xephyr "Clever & Harder" by Omar Chakor Thanks to everyone who participated in this awesome first week! Making the selections was pretty brutal. Remember, if one or more of your tracks didn't get featured, you're absolutely allowed to repost those tracks for the next biweekly period; or, you can post some of your other tracks! That's totally up to you. Just remember: You can only have up to three tracks posted for each biweekly period. Thanks again!

U-Neon Avatar
about 8 years ago

My remix of Avicii's track "Levels". My best track so far, unfortunately I can't publish it anywhere else because of that copyright s**t :( http://soundation.com/user/anthrazite/track/avicii-levels-anthrazite-remix

dead domain Avatar
dead domain
about 8 years ago

An amazing collab with Backslash is upon us. We both had a lot of fun with this collab, so enjoy Mike Hunt! It'll be all over the internet! http://soundation.com/user/CrescendosProfile/track/mike-hunt

Cartsoul Avatar
about 8 years ago

Here I have something that is not good at all (if that's what you think). soundation.com/user/cartsoulsdj/track/desert-dive-special-instruments-mix

U-Neon Avatar
about 8 years ago

This is just what this community needs, great idea! Commercial break: http://soundation.com/group/the-voice-of-soundation

Omar  Avatar
about 8 years ago

@BASS4ROG .. Voted :) i wish all the best

3de World Reject Avatar
3de World Reject
about 8 years ago

SHit, sorry, please delete my track, i forgot it is still a W.I.P?

about 8 years ago

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